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Shian [Zenri] Togano
Gift selection : Black Umbrella
Primary user selected : Ryan Morelli
Secondary user selected : Horse
Password guessed : Red in ASCII code - 826869

Mr. S's story - Deduction

After I finished listening to his story, the first word which caught my attention is “kid.” Like I said before, this should mean that the mentioned person is younger than Mr.S, or so, both of you. With my hesitation and your blushing reaction have led me astray to the completely wrong choice, I did underestimate thing.

So, I came back again to think about the story and here’s what I got....
In the story he told me, there were several times he used strange words that popped up too often. 

was creating a website with red background color for God-knows-what.
I would be too lack of knowledge and experience to understand
Paul was doing something no one except aliens could understand
All that I could see was red color and some non-human language letters floating on the left side of the monitor. 
I yawned at the alien.
6 times. Similar words and phrases that have the same meaning, something that mere human would never understand, Alien.
I noticed this in the first guess, but decided to drop it off because the major distraction. I have no choice but to go back again after got completely beat-down.
Alien: non-human, stranger, strange, something abnormal, something unfamiliar. This word have so many meaning, directly or indirectly. It’s pretty vast and hard to narrow down to find what’s hidden behind the word. 
Then I reckoned, about when I encountered my first, false target.
I talked to Mr. Morelli, asked him whether he has a problem about the security system. Of course, the only thing I got from him was a big “No.” I was frustrated because of my naive guessing. Then I talked to him more. He mentioned Jeremiah and asked me to think about what, exactly, Jeremiah is.
I probably owed him big thanks, because after that, I recognized what exactly Jeremiah is. He’s a camera, a recorder, a voice detector and all. I turned back to the security document again to re-read it carefully.
Security system

We have face and voice authentication using Jeremiah, palm authentication, and retina authentication. Most people can be authenticated by these systems without problems. At that point, I still have no idea about who could it be that’s unable to follow such conditions.
  Another thing Mr. Morelli did mention me is to check out Jeremiah’s relationship. 
So I went back to look at the relationship carefully, narrowed the list up by based on your chart. There’s group of people who you put your interested in other than us, Club members and higher ranks. 
  I started from there, looking through all of them and find out who have suspected relationship between themselves and Jeremiah. I found three of them, Mr. Estevan, Mr. Hunter and Mom.
For the first two person, I doubt them since they seems to have problem with technologies. Then again they have nothing related to the keyword I found before, so the choices are still unclear. 
Mom, I have no idea who is this person. So I couldn’t really think about what would make this person the target.
I stuck for a long while, and decided to go back to look at the keyword “Alien” again.
Then I realized there’s one person who is not a human in our organization.
I did fall for Mr. Karensky at first, since he doesn’t seems to have proper commonsense like people do.
But this guy is more simple, “Horse”.....................
He wears a damn horse head...............
Out of three there’s only one that Horse could use which is Palm authentication. He denied to remove his horse-headed mask which makes it impossible to scan for his face, let alone retina. For voice one, together with my first encounter, yet to be in somewhat we call relationship so I didn’t mentioned, he interacted with me by his mobile phone instead of talking. Either his intention to not reveal his own voice or that he’s “speech-impaired.” Both reasons make it impossible to authenticate his voice.

Moreover, in his relationship mission’s page, he did say something about Jeremiah. That not only he denied to be authenticated by his face, but he also sneaked inside just to enter the palace. Jeremiah is equipped with weapon, dangerous enough to prevent intruders yet he managed to get in. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t accidentally “activate” the alarm. For example, the one S did mention in the story he told me, this would let you---I meant “Chief”-- to know there’s problem with the security system, specifically with this person.

This also support the idea of “computer codes” mentioned in the hint story, along with “non-human” word. Computer language could also be implied as non-human language and also simple enough to remember since it’s mostly numbers. Horse doesn’t have to have problem with authentications as long as he can remember the password correctly. 
ยาวเป็นพรืดเลย พยายามคิดแบบชิอันให้มากที่สุดเท่าที่จะทำได้แล้ว //แต่ตีพาสไม่แตก //พราก
ขอบคุณสำหรับกิจกรรมสนุกๆให้เล่นนะคะ ;7; ~<3




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ปล. นี่หม่าม้าพอลนะคะ อีกแอคเคานท์นึง...

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